Who we are.
In a nutshell.

Five generations ago we were an artisan workshop. Now we are an industrial reality at the cutting edge of quality and innovation in the textile sector. Thanks to meticulous research, we are able to seize upcoming trends and convert them from concept to finished product.

Who we are. <br />
In a nutshell.

Between imaginary and engineering.

Flexibility, tailoring and an innovative instinct are the roots of the creative approach that leads our style choices and fabrics production strategies.

creativity blast

Vertical industrial reality.

Thanks to an industrial structure, a cutting-edge machine pool and production strategies, we can supply high-quality fabrics in a short time while preserving the environment.

industrial capacity

Cangioli World

Textile sustainability, insights on our work, interviews and tips. Explore the Editorial section and learn more about the Cangioli World.


Circular design: the 5 phases of Life Cycle Assessment.

10 December 2022

In the fashion and luxury industry there is an increasing focus on sustainability, which is now an essential part of the renewed business strategy. Being sustainable today is a matter of numbers, percentages and data. These are scientific assessments of the environmental impacts of a product’s entire life cycle, also called “Life Cycle Assessments.”


More wool for a more sustainable fashion system.

Why choose sustainable wool fibres
10 October 2022

In the brands’ gold rush to find sustainable solutions, there is already a fiber that meets many of the fashion industry’s sustainability needs, which is wool: 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable.


Our experience as a testimonial at Impact Day 2022 by ZDHC

Interview with CEO Vincenzo Cangioli
20 June 2022

Our experience as a testimonial company at Impact Day 2022: the annual event held in Amsterndam to present the results of the ZDHC – Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals strategy and define future sustainability strategies in the fashion industry.

When we say we are sustainable we really mean it.

People and the environment are the values at the very heart of our strategy.


Respect for people and the environment is an everlasting commitment.



We try to minimise our environmental impact through renewable sources and self-production.



We have acted on the production methods to achieve important results in terms of water and heat savings.


Color Card

Matter of Light

Color Card FW 24.25

Light is a powerful force. It enables us to perceive the world in all its nuances.

It is not just a Color Card.

It's a concept to communicate the product. Our fabrics.

Cangioli Color Cards are the main way in which we tell the story, the identity and the quality of our Collections and the fabrics that feature in them.

Total look fabrics

CANGIOLI 1859 is our Fabric Collection for womenswear total look with creative structures and finishes. For the contemporary and sophisticated woman, with a special focus on sustainability

Total look fabrics

Shirtwear fabrics

Sushi-Shirt is the Collection dedicated to women’s shirts in stretch and non-stretch options. Yarn-dyed and patch-dyed with an over 80,000 design archive.

Shirtwear fabrics

Outerwear fabrics

Vallombrosa is a Collection of carded fabrics for men’s and women’s coats, partially produced with recycled and eco-sustainable raw materials.

Outerwear fabrics

Accessories fabrics

Even+more is the Collection of tech fabrics with special structures and finishes for bags, accessories and shoes.

Accessories fabrics

Eco-sustainable fabrics

BIOSPHERE® is the eco-sustainable Capsule Collection. Born from a sense of responsibility and an ongoing commitment to ecology.

Eco-sustainable fabrics

Discover our events.

We have many events planned throughout the year, from international fairs, local events, collaborations with tourist institutions, and much more. Check out our events calendar so you don’t miss the next date!
21 - 22 June 2022

View Munich with Max Müller

MVG Museum

From June 21-22, 2022 we will be at the VIEW MUNICH exhibition event together with Max Müller Textilagentur.
MVG Museum, HALL Gallery, BOOTH 02.

28 - 30 June 2022

See you at Link 24 with Studio Penta

Superstudio spazio art point

From June 28 to June 30 2022, we will be together with Studio Penta at Superstudio-spazio art point in Milan to introduce the fall winter 2023/2024 pre-collection.