Color Card

The Glitch

Color Card SS 25

Literally means “random error”. In some forms of digital art and design is interpreted as a deliberate imperfection, intentionally used to create a specific aesthetic effect.

Color Card

Matter of Light

Color Card FW 24.25

Light is a powerful force. It enables us to perceive the world in all its nuances.

Color Card

The Unexpected

Color Card SS 24

Something unexpected is surprising.
Either because you didn’t expect it at all, or you expected it to happen in a different way.

Color Card


Color Card FW 23/24

The new Color Card which tells the story about Cangioliland, a world where you can create anything you want, starting from the finest textile fiber…

Color Card

Mattia’s Exercise Book

Color Card SS23

Learning is sometimes a tricky process. It challenges us because it requires full openness. Of eyes, ears, heart and mind. Just like in childhood.