Presented by Trama Plaza, MILANO ALLA MODA DAL 1948 is the exhibition dedicated to the art of sustainable fashion, taking place from February 1st to 11th, 2024, at Spazio Seicentro, Piazza Berlinguer, in Milan.

An Artistic Tribute to Sustainable Italian Fashion

Engage in a unique experience that blends fashion and social sustainability. Organized by the non-profit Trama Plaza, the event transforms work uniforms into visionary masterpieces, highlighting the social and environmental commitment of Italian manufacturing in the fashion industry.

Designers and Seven Companies "Compete" for a Tribute to Workers' Rights

Seven Italian textile (including Cangioli 1859), clothing, and leather companies have provided their work uniforms to be completely reimagined by selected designers. The exhibition will showcase the reinterpretation of work uniforms created by these stylists, emphasizing the responsible ethos behind each piece.

The creative competition among designers will be evaluated by a panel of experts. The creations aim to reflect the essence of social sustainability.

Don't miss the event!

Join us in celebrating the fusion of fashion, sustainability, and social awareness.

When: February 1-11, 2024
Where: Spazio Seicentro, Piazza Berlinguer, Milan
Entry is free.

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